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What is Managed IT Service for Manufacturing?

Managed IT Services Houston provides comprehensive technology care, including proactive management and monitoring. It also includes maintenance and upgrading all your on-site and cloud assets at a budget-friendly monthly charge. In addition, you have access to a team of manufacturing technology specialists dedicated to your business.

Benefits of Managed IT Services to the Manufacturing Sector

Get control over your IT costs

IT implementation is closely linked to resources and planning, where costs vary by organization type and size. Labor availability, training, and downtimes are vital considerations. MSPs can help predict these costs by knowing all prerequisites for successful IT implementation. They guide you in strategic decision-making backed by predictability.

Keep up with Technological Developments

Organizations need future-proof IT solutions to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing business environment. Technology is crucial here, and MSPs are well positioned to provide those solutions. While the market presents multiple options, having access to the latest technological advancements is vital. Internal IT teams may not keep up with the pace of upgrades, while MSPs are always on top of new developments to provide you with the right technology implementations and upgrades at a pace you can stay competitive

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Going digital has become essential for companies to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Digital platforms bring you many opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, intelligent solutions, communication, and others. However, while implementing these technologies, it is essential to consider the security risks involved. Such technologies may expose your data to potential theft due to a lack of proper implementation or inadequate security measures. Manufacturing companies are one of the prime targets for cybercriminals because of the high-value data they have in their records. Managed service providers (MSPs) offer cybersecurity services as part of their core principles, so it’s best if you work with a reliable MSP like IT Support Houston to protect yourself from these cybersecurity risks.

Reduced Downtime

An oil rig’s downtime can cost millions of dollars in losses, a glass manufacturer’s downtime may cost upwards of USD 15,000 per hour, and more manufacturing activities pose challenges arising from downtime events. Intelligent solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT) present enormous opportunities to enhance productivity. However, costly losses can occur if there is a lack of maintenance or leakage. MSPs are well-versed in troubleshooting, risk management, and downtime management and can find all possible ways to enhance productivity

Keep up with evolving compliance and quality demands

Compliance and regulatory hurdles are significant challenges for most industries. With each passing year, the brunt of these measures is already being felt; certain manufacturers are left behind for failing to meet set regulations. With digital manufacturing becoming mainstream and more industries working closely with customers to develop customized solutions, compliance risk management becomes more challenging than ever. Managed service providers like IT Consulting Houston can help address this issue by bringing automation-based compliance measures into the mix, allowing for more secure customer data management.

Scott Young

Scott Young, is the president of PennComp LLC, an IT Support Houston company. Being a CPA, Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Change Management Certified and Myers Briggs Qualified, Scott’s expertise is reflected in PennComp as a leading IT company for computer services and network integration. PennComp utilizes Six Sigma methodologies and practices in their service delivery and offers state-of-the-art monitoring and management tools to their clients.