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Small Business IT Support in

Whether it’s a mounting stack of tickets that are ringing fire alarms, an urgent implementation that your internal team has been struggling with, or a security issue that springs up right when your employees are unavailable – we have your back.

Our Houston-based IT Support team builds customized solutions for small businesses on or around existing systems so they work seamlessly and add value to their businesses.

When you need us, we’re only a phone call or an email away. With more than 95% of tickets resolved in 24 hours, our performance is unmatched.

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Small Business IT Support

“Keeping in mind your current and future needs, PennComp’s IT support specialists navigate and integrate solutions that perform seamlessly year after year.”

Scott YoungPresident at Penncomp LLC

Empowering Your Business with Innovative Solutions

Years of Experience
Average Server & App Uptime
PennComp Customer Retention

Empowering Your Business with Innovative Solutions

Everything Penncomp offers you centers around one thing: minimizing technology problems.

Years of Experience
Average Server & App Uptime
PennComp Customer Retention

Award-Winning IT Support Company in Houston



End-to-End IT Support in

IT-related problems come about for everyone. When they do, you need support in your area fast. PennComp provides dependable IT support solutions at competitive prices. We integrate ourselves into your business until we’re as good as your IT department.

We manage your entire IT department on a monthly retainer basis, ensure your business gets to peak productivity and efficiency, and keep you there no matter what blocks you may face down the road.

Our Houston IT support company take care of your IT needs end-to-end so you can both set up and scale your business at a rate above and beyond your competitors.

When you bring us on board to take care of your
business, we guarantee:
  • 100% genuine, local tech support
  • Quickest response and problem-resolution times in the industry
  • All-round IT support and services not only guaranteed by SLAs, but backed by the lowest downtimes in the industry
  • Guaranteed expertise and guidance for complex IT problems at different scales of business
  • Reduction in overhead costs for infrastructure
  • Increase in productivity and business efficiency
  • Industry-leading track record of ticket resolution
  • Reduction in ticket volumes with our proactive AI- and ML-based maintenance programs


IT Support Experts in Houston

Our list of IT Support services are extensive and our solutions are tailored to your needs. We provide unlimited remote and on-premise IT support with local, highly experienced technicians on-demand to resolve any technology problems you might come up against in your day-to-day operations.

PennComp provides best-in-class IT support and guidance, as well as complete security with our backup and storage solutions. We believe in being hands-on with any problem, which means weekly onsite visits from us to ensure your systems are always shipshape.

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Help Desk Support in

Our help desk support services model is based on a continuous improvement framework and can be customized to suit the exact needs of your business and staff. We use an exclusive IT support platform geared toward automatic resolution and effective, fast queue dissolution for your help desk requests.

We focus our workflow on rapid resolution of all first-call IT problems. We continuously learn from root-cause assessments from environments similar to yours that equip us with near-immediate problem detection and resolution capacities. We even offer full API integration for clients working on third-party ticketing systems.

We offer multiple levels of help desk IT support to suit the needs of organizations who want a full- or part-time support desk, need application or customer service desks, or simply want a centralized IT support resource center. We guarantee:

  • 24*7*365 help desk IT support manned by a certified and well-experienced technical network team to offer immediate assistance
  • Full- or part-time outsourced help desk and application support service to meet your organizational or business needs
  • Fully customizable, private help desks to meet your technical, product, or application support requests


Remote Workforce
Solutions in Houston

Fast, effective, secure, and scalable remote work solutions are critical for your business in the current market. Our remote workforce solutions offer voice, collaboration, and video conferencing tools so your business stays connected and productive – no matter where your employees are.

Best of all, remote work enables major cost savings for both your organization and your employees, leading to a win-win situation for both workforce productivity and job satisfaction.

We have multiple levels of service available to suit your organization’s specific needs, including role- and task-based solutions to connect your users to enterprise systems and ensure secure access to accurate and real-time product data. Our Houston-based IT support company can also help businesses build and deploy intuitive and powerful applications.

IT Support in Houston

Robust & Reliable

Network Security in Houston

Not a day goes by without hackers penetrating systems around the country. Malicious threat actors never sleep. Let us install zero-trust architecture in your system to give you peace of mind.

We can extinguish spyware, malware, ransomware, and several other threats. Your network is your biggest asset, and it’s never been at bigger risk as hackers become more sophisticated.

PennComp can offer the best network support and install robust safeguards. Contact a local team of IT experts that specializes in protecting companies in Houston against malicious threats.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast & Responsive IT Support in Houston

We provide you with some of the most experienced local technicians in Houston to address technical issues in your application or infrastructure, deploy or repair hardware, monitor network uptime, and manage vendor-specific software issues.

Our engineers and technology experts are domain certified and focus on coming up with the best solution for your business without any bias to specific systems or methods.

Once we resolve your issues, your productivity returns to normal, and business critical systems continue running.

Prompt & Solution-Focused

Onsite Support in Houston

Not every technical solution can be remote. Sometimes, you need hands-on intervention to help with faulty hardware or other emergency technical assistance.

PennComp offers onsite server support, and other services like endpoint protection, cybersecurity, and network solutions. Our Houston IT Support team will waste no time in coming to your side when you need on-premise support.

Our tech support allows us to rapidly identify and fix any problems that may arise. We have virtual expertise and human expertise to fix your physical and digital installations. When IT-related problems arise, our locally based IT support company helps prevent downtime.


Responsive IT Support in Houston

You can count on PennComp to provide 24*7*365 support for operations, business continuity, and complete security for your business applications, on-premise IT infrastructure, and mobile devices.

Our IT support services are designed to be flexible and adaptable across all industries. We take care of your infrastructure so you can save costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

Our IT support professionals will not only repair existing networks, but develop future-proof solutions customized to you and your business goals.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We give you proficient and responsive 24*7*365 IT support so you can get prompt assistance whether remotely or onsite.

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Cybersecurity in Houston

Cyber attacks don’t follow a “business-hours-only” schedule. Outdated software, expired licenses, devices not equipped for enterprise security, and default administrator accounts offer up a lucrative swathe of vectors for attackers to penetrate your business systems.

To put this in perspective, more than 4 billion records were exposed due to data breaches in 2019. More than 60% of these involved weak passwords. Poorly secured identities and passwords simply don’t stand a chance against AI-based malware.

That’s why our security services work 24*7*365 to monitor your network and endpoints and protect against potential threats, abnormal behavior, and data breaches before they happen.

Why cybersecurity with PennComp

Our cybersecurity experts use multi-level layering of protection strategies and perform regular compliance checks and preventive maintenance. We take care of your security needs end-to-end without the cost of employing a full-time CIO.

  • We conduct a full-fledged security risk assessment once you bring us on board to detect risk zones in your network to reduce and eliminate potential dangers.
  • We also conduct a full compliance analysis to check for loopholes and stay ahead of regulation. Most importantly, we use encryption to protect your data at both rest and transit.
  • We can train your employees on awareness for phishing attempts, unauthorized data access, identity theft, password hygiene maintenance, and system compliance to protect you against ransomware, malware, and social engineering attacks.

To address these and other evolving threats, we’re moving increasingly toward multifactor authentication, biometrics, identity-based certificates, and a “zero-trust” environment. In this case, even with a breach of corporate firewall, your data remains protected with additional layers of security.


Backup & Recovery
Solutions in Houston

Data is a valuable resource for any company. Losing your data is the number one threat that keeps business owners awake at night. In some instances, it can lead to a complete shutdown. This is why PennComp sends our best IT engineers to work with you on building backup solutions that are exactly right for your business.

PennComp’s crack data recovery team has helped countless firms in Houston after a data breach. It doesn’t matter if your data loss came from a server problem, a database problem, or a compromised endpoint – we can perform a swift diagnostic to get back your assets.

Our backup and recovery IT
support services include


Virtual Chief Information Officer

Streamlining and optimizing your business technology is key to realizing the strategic and cost-efficiency potential of your business.

While an in-house CIO can be a prohibitive cost or simply inefficient for many businesses, the value of staying a step ahead of the game in technological innovation and maximizing business potential can’t be overstated.

To address this knowledge gap in IT support for small businesses, PennComp offers expert, industry-leading vCIO services in Houston that you can avail on an as-needed basis.

Our vCIO IT support guarantees:
  • The most efficient network monitoring, management, and maintenance
  • Increased efficiency, productivity, and communication
  • Better-optimized workflows
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Improved agility and resiliency to cybersecurity threats
  • Optimal strategies for IT planning, business continuity, and growth
VCIO Officer
Secure IT Support

IT Support in Houston

Secure & Resourceful

Patch & Update Management in Houston

Automatic patch management can increase the security of your network manifold. We believe patch deployment should be an effortless process whether for Windows or any third-party applications.

Many businesses fail to implement regular patch maintenance because of how cumbersome and resource-intensive the process can be when maintained manually or with subpar automated systems, not to mention that clumsiness can result in prolonged business interruptions that cost time and money to fix.

This is why we offer you a comprehensive, easily accessible dashboard to view and inspect the status of your patches across all your different endpoints, making it very convenient for your patch engineers to identify critical gaps and address patches on a priority basis.

Dynamic & Productive

Computer Network Repair in Houston

When time is not on your side, network repair becomes vital. If you experience issues such as dropped connections, sluggish network performance, and non-responsive printers, you need help immediately. If left unattended, minor problems can snowball into bigger ones quickly. Don’t allow your staff productivity to drop, as it’s key to your business survival.

PennComp is the IT support company of choice in Houston. We diagnose issues in your network and dispose of any threats so you can concentrate on serving your customers.

Safe & Secure

Virus Removal in Houston

If a malicious threat endangers your endpoint, your network could be at risk. Viruses put your business in danger and can also cause you to lose time, money, and brand standing. Don’t allow malware to disable your business and paralyze your prospects.

If your computer’s performance has slowed down and is showing telltale signs of infection like unwanted pop-ups, call in the experts.

PennComp can identify and dispose of viruses and malware before your network is infected.


IT Support Solutions in
Houston Across Industries

PennComp offers comprehensive IT Solutions for reputable clients across various industries:

Construction & Real Estate

Religious Institutions



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Why Choose PennComp?

Unprecedented Efficiency

We believe there is virtually no cap for efficiency, so we proactively reach out to you with the best of strategic moves for enhancing your productivity, streamlining operations, and reducing costs.

We have the bandwidth and the technical chops to keep growing right with you, so you’ll always find the right IT guidance, regardless of your business stage. We’ll always over-deliver on our SLAs and never undertake to deploy any technology without explicit permission from you.

Competitive Edge

At PennComp, we stay up-to-date with the rapid changes in technology, allowing us to solve your IT problems using the latest tools and best practices. This means you can carve out your competitive edge today and maintain it tomorrow.

We value complete transparency, promptness, and objectivity as our core business values, and bring that attitude to bear in our customer service. With us, you’ll always have a bird’s-eye view of the most updated reports on your state of infrastructure, network, and security.

Unlimited Expertise

We’re here for you at all times. Our team members combine decades of technical experience with best-in-class customer service, and more importantly, an attitude of caring, understanding, and compassion to develop your customized IT solutions.

We believe we’re different from other IT support providers. We strive to create long-lasting personal relationships based on trust and mutual value. We understand IT. We understand business.

We see ourselves as an extension of your service offering. Our dedicated IT engineers will provide consistent service, personalized attention, and unmatched out-of-the-box thinking.

High Quality Service

Our IT support services are tuned into the knowledge base of the modern IT company. We use the best of Lean and Six Sigma to give you the most efficient service, saving you downtime and enhancing your processes.

Our company is a beacon for some of the brightest talents in the area. We put experienced IT engineers on your account so you can enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality service.

We take care of your IT support end-to-end while ensuring that our rates remain predictable and scalable through set monthly retainers or fixed-price models to be used on a per-user basis. Grow your business without being stalled by prohibitive costs for infrastructure deployment, management, security, maintenance, and IT support.

Strategic Planning

PennComp understands that despite layers of automation and process setting, business IT is a fundamentally unpredictable domain. That’s why our technical experts are always ready with plans A, B, and C, as well as failsafe strategies when things go wrong.

We’re constantly doing root-cause analysis on our end both in your business and at other clients in the same domain so we can combat issues when they arise and learn from them to prevent similar recurrence.

We always have an eye on the long-term health of your IT infrastructure and provide you with detailed recommendations, including complete rationale and fact-based justification for each change, as well as estimates of performance improvement.


Helpful Technology Resources for Houston

Internet Service Provider in Houston

Choosing the right internet service provider can be a hard process. ISPs all have very different products such as technical support, access speed, and location. Common questions that need to be asked are how much capacity do you need, and how many IP addresses?

SMBs need to also consider the downtime record of each ISP and the service level agreements they’ll enter. Cost is also an important factor.

PennComp will guide you in your decisions and strategy pertaining to the selection of your ISP.

Experiencing a Power Outage in Houston?

Businesses need power. This makes power outages most frustrating. PennComp can help you deal with IT issues resulting from intermittent power loss.

Power outages are one of the key reasons for loss of data. When an electrical surge happens, it can affect your entire IT infrastructure. This means that your endpoints, servers, and network portals are all at risk. Recurring and unstable power sources can put all this important equipment at risk.

What can you do?

You can buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply. This important device allows your business-critical systems to continue to run during an outage, and allows you to shut down your infrastructure safely if the outage is set to be a lengthy one.

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A better, more productive
business awaits you.

As Houston’s IT support experts, we understand what your local business needs. We also know what your competitors have in their stable. We’ll take your business goals and create an IT-based pathway to take you to success in your objectives.

PennComp will guide your business into the future with world-class technology, robust data protection, and provable productivity tools.

Worry-free technology. Less downtime. More business focus.

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