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PennComp consistently ranks among the top choices for IT consulting firms in Houston, TX, because we commit ourselves to delivering agile and apt technology solutions.

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PennComp ranks among the leading IT consulting companies in Houston, and we have your needs covered, be it software upgrades, antivirus solutions, or patching.

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Triage of Technical Solutions

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Your IT environment and the latest technology solutions for it are constantly evolving. That’s why PennComp’s IT consulting services are designed to match your specific business goals with your unique technology needs. Rely on our experienced and diverse team to answer your high-level technology questions such as:

Is my data securely and confidently backed up?

Who has access to my data in my organization and how can I ensure it’s protected?

How can I better educate my employees so they’re more aware of security risks with respect to passwords, suspicious emails, and malicious web sites?

How do I realistically budget for IT expenditures for the next year? Three years? Five years?

Are we getting the most out of the investments we’ve made?

What is the best way to migrate my aging environment to newer technologies?

Prime Destination for Enterprises

Leading IT Consulting Company in Houston

Whether your business is small or large, we provide a tailored blend of industry-leading technical know-how and an astute reading of your business needs based on decades of niche domain expertise. We don’t try to upsell software/hardware packages, because we believe in reading business problems first and building long-term relationships.

Once you reach out to us, our Houston IT consultants will perform a complete audit of your current infrastructure status and offer a triage of technical solutions. The priority is assigned based on your business needs and goals, both in the short and long term.

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Our approach sets apart a good IT consulting company from the rest. With our consulting services, we don’t just guarantee overall technical excellence, but guaranteed business outcomes.

If you have a persistent business or technical problem that your technical teams have simply not been able to cope with, need to streamline your infrastructure, or need guidance on setting up your infrastructure from scratch, we the IT consultants at Penncomp, are here to help you!

Excellence & Experience

Best IT Consulting Company in Houston

When it comes to IT consulting in Houston, PennComp is unmatched in its service model. Founded on forward-thinking business concepts, we take a collaborative approach that draws upon years of collective business and tech experience, including EOS Traction, Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies.

Our Houston IT consulting team has been applying this strategic mindset since 1988, helping countless clients save time, avoid costly mistakes, and run better businesses. This foresight and commitment help our clients cultivate an IT infrastructure that stays ahead of the curve and performs year after year. Being Houston’s best IT Consulting Company, our professionals stand ready to bolster existing networks, integrate new business-critical applications, and develop virtual solutions customized to your specific goals.

Our data is secure, using multifactor authentication and virtual private networking

Our environment is safe because of strong router and firewall security policies

We’ve selected the right backup methodologies to avoid data loss and business downtime

Proactive maintenance ensures systems are healthy

PennComp is monitoring my environment 24/7 for anything that would affect productivity

We’ve made the most of our technology investments

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Our experienced IT consultants are certified and renowned experts in their respective business fields. Locate us in your area and get a customized IT consultation.

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Save, Expand, Improve

Your search for IT consulting companies in Houston stops at PennComp

Our strategized technical solutions are as diverse as our clients’ business problems. We love coming up with unique IT consulting strategy solutions for highly complex business challenges, regardless of size or scale. We have a team of highly experienced, certified, multi-domain specialists on our team who thrive on problem-solving and love working closely with clients over time to help realize entrepreneurial visions in the long term. If you can dream it, we can come up with the right technical solutions and infrastructure. Our Houston IT consulting services include:

Our Solutions

Whether you want a hosted or in-house Microsoft Exchange Server, we provide hosting services and FTP server implementation for businesses of all sizes. Facilitate better and easier collaboration among your teams with third-party hosted, Office 365, or in-house exchange servers. Whichever option you choose, we’ll ensure you can implement it at the most reasonable rates and extract much greater degrees of efficiencies for your business.

Disasters can strike at any time. Your best bet lies in planning ahead and being prepared. Make your business future-proof by ensuring seamless business continuity with PennComp’s disaster recovery services. We offer a full range of backup, secure storage, and business continuity solutions to ensure your business can get up and running within 10 minutes of a physical or virtual disaster event. Ensure maximum protection for your systems, applications, and data by working with our expert IT backup specialists and building a foolproof disaster recovery plan for your business. We ensure complete protection of your data with both file- and image-based backups and use certified built-in encryption to protect the integrity of your data.


Software upgrades are a major headache for many of our clients. PennComp’s IT consultants help you stay ahead of all your software, licensing, and certification needs. Our IT consulting services cover both proprietary software licenses and computer software upgrades needed for enterprise business in any domain.

Even though businesses are increasingly opting for infrastructure-as-a-service solution, many larger businesses don’t have that leeway and must upgrade their in-house systems periodically. Our IT consultants can help you assess the health of your hardware assets, build a schedule for checks and proactive maintenance, and most importantly, help you budget for upgrades and repairs in a planned manner so you’re never caught unaware with accidental repairs and downtimes. We can assist you with computer upgrades at a large scale and help you get some of the best products in the industry at reasonable rates to keep your hardware running efficiently for many years to come.

Protect your employees from spam, phishing, viruses, malware, and a host of unwanted communication with the right email filtering service and email filtering solutions. We provide on-premise email filtering for organizations that need it for compliance and regulations, as well as appliance email filtering to secure your business data internally.

We’ve been the most trusted name in computer networking Houston for more than 30 years. Our clients rely on us to keep their networks running efficiently, updated regularly and most importantly, completely secure. Whether you’re in need of a computer network architect or simply need some guidance on updating your network to patch in design flaws and security loopholes, our computer network consulting experts offer you the right solutions for your business.

Defending your organization from external threats including those from the dark web by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Engineering and implementing the migration of your infrastructure to current, proven technologies.

Yearly technology assessment to review current position and identify new objectives.

Cyber attacks are an unfortunate reality of today’s business environment. Gartner predicts that global spending on cybersecurity will reach $133.7 billion in 2022. If you’re managing a business, you have to assume you’re at risk for the attack at all times. Our IT consultants can spruce up the health of your systems with highly efficient virus removal services. We can also suggest the best anti-virus and anti-spyware software for your basic protection. Our complete security services are extensive, and the package includes integrating effective security solutions at every level of your infrastructure and security layering to build a highly resilient network for your business.

Here’s the truth most consultants won’t tell you – the hardware or the brand of your network attached storage (NAS) or a storage area network (SAN) solutions doesn’t matter much. Most of the hardware available in the category is industry-standard, and you can expect pretty similar performance from all of them. The trick to ensuring efficiency for your business is in the right storage monitoring and management solutions, so your LUNs and RAIDs are properly provisioned and you don’t face latency issues. Our experts in IT consulting services in Houston can help you build the right monitoring and management dashboard that is easily accessible and can be fully understood and controlled by your in-house team, if required.

Adhering to multiple layers of security at the firewall, router, wireless, VPN, and 2FA levels.

Bolster Your Business

Why Choose PennComp?


At PennComp, we solve the IT problems of today with an eye on the technology needs of tomorrow. This long-term view and commitment helps our clients cultivate an IT infrastructure that performs year after year. Our IT professionals stand ready to bolster existing networks, integrate new business-critical applications, and develop software and internet-based solutions customized to your ultimate technology and business goals.


Our IT consulting services were built on the business best practices of Lean and Six Sigma, and are backed by some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry. We staff your projects with experienced IT engineers with at least five years of experience. These Level 3 engineers aim to resolve your IT problems on the first try.


PennComp distinguishes itself from other IT consulting service providers on one of the most basic human levels: Personal relationships. Our clients enjoy dedicated IT engineers assigned to their account, providing a platform for consistent service, individual attention, and customized technology solutions. Count on us to work as a tireless extension of your own team to optimize your productivity, reduce IT costs, and implement innovative ideas.

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