The PennComp Difference

Disaster Recovery Houston

At PennComp, we go beyond data backup to offer full IT disaster recovery to quickly get you up and running and limit your loss in the case of an unexpected disruption.

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Our services speed recovery time by getting your IT infrastructure, business operations, and employees back up and running, fast.

Scott Young
President at PennComp LLC

Scott Young


Our Approach

Our IT disaster recovery services leverage our business and IT expertise to design, develop, and implement an effective plan for safeguarding not just your data, but your business.

PennComp offers the option of storing and backing up your data at a secure co-location, where critical systems and data are protected around the clock by a strict, military-grade security environment.

Whether you choose to house your information at our data center or store your backup data onsite, our IT disaster recovery process includes:

Flexible, cost-effective IT disaster recovery solutions

Rapid recovery to restore technology at the speed your business demands

Work-area recovery with fully equipped alternate work areas to keep your business running in the event of a disaster or disruption

An assessment of your risk tolerance and business needs

IT Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive Solutions

When an unexpected business disruption such as a fire, flood, or computer failure hits, swift IT disaster recovery can mean the difference between hours or days of downtime – and the financial loss associated with each.

That’s why PennComp goes beyond local data backup to offer full IT disaster recovery to get you up and running and limit your loss.

The PennComp Difference

Data Center Protection

Our technical solutions are as diverse as our clients’ business problems. We love coming up with unique solutions for highly complex business challenges, regardless of size or scale.

We have a team of highly experienced, certified, multi-domain specialists on our team who thrive on problem-solving and love working closely with clients over time to help realize entrepreneurial visions in the long term. If you can dream it, we can come up with the right technical solutions and infrastructure. Our Houston IT consulting services include:

24*7*365 onsite security guards

Video surveillance and recording

Biometric and card key security for access control

Fully redundant power, including multiple municipal feeds, transformers, generators, and UPS

Onsite redundant switching, router, and firewalls

Bandwidth on-demand

Reliable data storage and backup solutions

Reinforced physical structure with concrete bollards, steel-lined walls, bulletproof glass, and barbed-wire fencing around the property’s perimeter

Save, Expand, Improve

Why Choose PennComp


At PennComp we solve the IT problems of today with an eye on the technology needs of tomorrow. This long-term view and commitment helps our clients cultivate an IT infrastructure that performs year after year. Our IT professionals stand ready to bolster existing networks, integrate new business-critical applications, and develop software and internet-based solutions that are customized to your ultimate technology and business goals.


Our IT consulting services were built on the business best practices of Lean and Six Sigma, and are backed by some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry. We staff your projects with experienced IT engineers with at least five years of experience. These Level 3 engineers aim to resolve your IT problems on the first try.


PennComp distinguishes itself from other IT consulting service providers on one of the most basic human levels: Personal relationships. Our clients enjoy dedicated IT engineers assigned to their account, providing a platform for consistent service, individual attention, and customized technology solutions. Count on us to work as a tireless extension of your own team to optimize your productivity, reduce IT costs, and implement innovative ideas.