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What Sets Us Apart

Core Values

Since 1988, PennComp is the trusted partner that takes a responsible, proactive approach to your technology.

We connect deeply with our colleagues, our clients, and our communities. It makes us different.

It makes us better.

Clients will be 100% satisfied with our work and will not bear the worry of our projects not completed right the first time.

Scott Young
President at PennComp LLC

Scott Young President at PennComp LLC

Our Culture

We communicate clearly and openly, because in a world full of technical buzzwords, simplicity always wins.

We are composed of personable and technical professionals inspired to do the right thing.

We are a team. None of us is as strong as all of us.

Our Commitment

We’re the team that understands your day-to-day needs and your vision for tomorrow.

We’re the support staff that takes ownership of our clients’ technology needs.

Clients will be 100% satisfied with our work and will not bear the risk of our work/projects not completed right the first time.

IT Outsourcing Circle Image
PennComp LLC Team Circle Image

Team Works

At PennComp we believe in our team … in our individuality … in our abilities … in our strengths. We support our clients with a posse, not with a lone-ranger mentality. Every single member of our team is important to the overall health and success of our firm. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it will take a strong firm with team members dedicated to each other to fully serve our clients well. None of us is as good as all of us.

We Don’t Do Mediocre

We do it right the first time. We take ownership in our work and the service we deliver to our clients. We don’t let challenges stop us from getting the job done with care and precision. If we get stuck, we keep asking questions and pushing forward to full completion. We staff your projects with seasoned Level 3 IT engineers with at least 10 years of experience. We are energized about IT and standardized on our approach.

We Remember the Ketchup

Remembering the ketchup is about precision. The fries at your favorite fast-food joint can be perfect, but driving away and realizing there’s no ketchup in your bag shows a lack of dedication to the restaurant completing the task. Being a process-driven team, PennComp distinguishes itself from other IT service providers by following proactive standard processes and checklists to ensure every step is completed with quality and consistency. No matter if it’s replacing a keyboard, or serving our clients in a vCIO role, we care about the details. We remember the ketchup.

The 4 T's: Taking Care of Today, Thinking About Tomorrow

PennComp distinguishes itself from other IT service providers on one of the most basic human levels: personal relationships. Any IT support company can take care of most of your basic “today” needs, but partnering with PennComp will have you better prepared for tomorrow’s needs. We must frequently look up from the ongoing work to remain ahead of the storms that come. Are you tired of reactive IT? Count on us to work as a sturdy extension of your own team to help you look up.