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Why does your small business need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services for SMBs

Better risk management

Almost every single business that you know of today relies on digital tools and the Internet for their operations. While this definitely makes the operations more seamless, faster, and efficient, it also opens up the organizational network to a slew of risks that can eventually become hard to manage. In the past, many small businesses got by because they disregarded the problem of cyber-attacks and malware and relied on the assumption that they could fly under the radar as hackers targeted better and more lucrative businesses. This no longer holds true. In fact, according to recent data, 43% of cyber-attacks are now concentrated on small businesses simply because they present easier targets. This makes it critical for small businesses to invest in an effective security system, but without the right talent in-house and the licensing fees of a variety of enterprise software, this may seem like an uphill task for most SMBs. This is where small businesses turn to IT Services Outsourcing and managed services providers to get access to industry-leading expertise on security and top-of-the-line hardware and software for enhanced risk management. With internal systems secured, small businesses can focus on etching out their competitive edge against larger peers in the industry.

Personal device data management

As employees increasingly go mobile, it is more than more likely that they will use multiple devices, including a combination of corporate and personal devices, in order to fulfil their job roles. According to findings from a recent study, employees tend to use an average of 2.3 devices for work; 74% of IT professionals use 2+devices and 52% employ 3+ devices daily. While this trend definitely serves to improve convenience and productivity, this also opens up the company network and the highly valuable data and assets contained within to become more exposed to a wider variety of threats. This also makes data management over a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops more complex. MSPs can play an instrumental role here to help small businesses impose specific protocols for better data management. MSPs can also help by installing relevant cybersecurity measures through using secure features such as VPNs and multi-factor authentication. They can also help monitor access to sensitive files and folders so businesses can manage risks better. IT Support Houston excels in providing managed IT services for small businesses.

Faster and more sustainable growth

IT services can help small and medium businesses shorten their growth cycles by helping them scale, get to a profit-making position, and improve on it faster. This helps small businesses to hone their focus on expanding operations. With traditional businesses, this represents a significant challenge because scaling means adding the hardware and software capacity to your business and adding the requisite manpower to deliver products/ services at a scale that unsurprisingly involves huge costs. Additional costs involve more bandwidth and inventory requirements, and more. This is where businesses making use of managed services have a significant advantage. With MSPs, any SMB can afford to scale at will while keeping costs manageable as MSPs equip them with access to world-class infrastructure, talent, strategic business, technical guidance, and niche expertise – all while businesses only pay for what they use. MSPs’ in-depth expertise also comes in handy because they can help businesses with operations management, stock maintenance, tracking, and of course technical support and hardware/software upgrades.

3 Important Benefits of Small Business IT Services in Houston

Benefits of Small Business IT Services in Houston

Improved Productivity

When you are free from the burden of constantly attending to IT problems, and gain the confidence that your systems will work just as you expect them to – productivity automatically increases. Bringing MSPs onboard also guarantees that their engineers will be working day and night to streamline the operational processes and near-zero downtimes. For the best IT Services And Solutions, please contact Managed IT Services Houston.

On-demand Technical Support

Just the guaranteed assurance of getting the right help at the right time can go a long way in boosting employee confidence in your technical systems. You also gain immeasurable peace of mind knowing that *someone is watching the shop*, i.e. your networks and systems are being monitored 24*7*365 and any hint of an issue will generate automatic alerts to the right people in charge. You also no longer need to be hassled when things break down at inopportune moments such as a server crash or network slowdown – help will be on the way before you can think of asking for it! As MSPs gain familiarity with your business and operational systems, you would likely face much fewer issues than before as most MSPs focus on predictive maintenance so issues cannot snowball into problems and will be active in trying to prevent downtimes. You will also have remote and on-site experienced technical support and IT Services Helpdesk waiting on standby to help you out whenever you need it or, even when you just want a question answered.

Better Cost Savings

More often than not, the primary reason why SMBs opt for managed IT services is because of the enormous Managed IT Services Cost savings they know they can get. With managed services, you spend your resources on only what you need that helps you run a lean operation. Moreover, managed IT services providers can help minimize your expenses, and help you save on recruitment costs, employee benefits, infrastructure and space requirements, and more. For a more detailed understanding of the Benefits Of Managed IT Services, please reach out to IT Consulting Houston.

Scott Young

Scott Young, is the president of PennComp LLC, an IT Support Houston company. Being a CPA, Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Change Management Certified and Myers Briggs Qualified, Scott’s expertise is reflected in PennComp as a leading IT company for computer services and network integration. PennComp utilizes Six Sigma methodologies and practices in their service delivery and offers state-of-the-art monitoring and management tools to their clients.